About Us

Dood’s Jewelry – More Than Just a Jewelry Store!


Can I find the engagement ring I am dreaming of, the crystal for the Light Work I do, or go to get my jewelry fixed, my watch serviced, my clock oiled, my kids trophy engraved? I need an Appraisal on my Mothers’ huge Diamond with no fear of theft – where do you find that???
Dood’s Jewelry has a Master Goldsmith and a Clock Specialist in store to answer questions, all Repair work is done ON SIGHT or in OUR Presence – we never ‘send out’ your valuables!!!!!! We offer all the Services you expect and all the ones you’ve only heard of – Dood’s Jewelry is a store where old meets new, we stand behind everything we do 100%


Type of payment options do I have? Cash, Personal Check? Credit Card? Lay Away? In Store Credit?
Dood’s Jewelry accepts all major credit cads, cash, money orders and personal checks, and offers a No Hassle Interest Free Lay Away option and will offer an IN Store Credit Option soon!! We stopped taking Husbands and children as they were wanted back after Dood training.


2Can I trust with my irreplaceable childhood beaded necklace, Mom’s 2ct Diamond, my Rolex…everything?
Dood’s Jewelry takes every piece you entrust to us as a sacred contract – If we encounter anything different than what we discussed with you or anything changes the price – we STOP and call YOU – You make all the decisions! We see many of our Customers at the grocery store, the high school football games, my kid might date your kid – we are very active in communities around Michigan thru our volunteer and charity donations – we value our good name – just ask any of our Customers – period.

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Can a small jewelry store beat the big guys?
Dood’s Jewelry works very hard to have professional contacts all over the United States as well as thru out the World – we deal ONLY with manufactures here in the USA and order some of our gemstones from the country of origin so we get the best of the best from Opals to Diamonds, Turquoise to Alexandrite – Dood’s Jewelry not only can get it, make it and deliver it – but we do so on time, on quote and exactly the way YOU wanted it.


4Dood’s Jewelry offers endless options in Jewelry, watches, and gift ideas from wax carving, CAD CAM design, or hand fabrication, Rolex to Timex, raw or polished gems and minerals – Jim or Jennifer does it! WE offer a little bit of everything but do not keep a large inventory – why? That just adds to Your bottom line – if we don’t have it in stock we can get it !
When you bring in an item or ship it to us for Repair, Redesign or Appraisal – we do a thorough inspection. We itemize what you bring us, what we are going to do to it, and give you an estimate before the work begins. You know the process, costs and parts necessary. From there if anything needs to be adjusted YOU are contacted first, the new situation is explained to You and YOU make any and all decisions on what is or is not done! Typical Turn Around is 1 – 2 weeks for simple repairs and 1 – 4 weeks for complicated Jewelry Repairs. Clocks take more time because or their nature so typically 3 – 6 months if parts are available, if not don’t worry about that 150 year old clock – we will make the parts to fix it!


Does “Locally owned”, “Independently Owned” or “Master Goldsmith On Site” matter?
Dood’s Jewelry is the definition of small locally owned business with less than 5 people, but tiny is mighty in the case of Dood’s Jewelry – we have a vested interest in YOU – our reputation, our lives – depend on how well we do our job which is taking care of You and your jewelry needs! Spending your money with Dood’s Jewelry means money back into your neighborhoods, confidence in anything you buy, knowing you get more than you paid for every time – everything we have depends on You so we do everything we can to keep your Trust!