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Dood's Jewelry is so much more than just a jewelry store!!! We specialize in custom jewelry design and crafting for everyone!!! Though we are small, we are mighty and can and do make everything - While we feature some of our designs online, this only touches the surface of what we can do.

At Dood's Jewelry - jewelry is our passion.

We understand how important it is to make the right decision : Trust, quality and service is our mantra and where you buy your jewelry makes all the difference. With 23 years experience, Dood's Jewelry knows how to save your money, get the quality and durability you need, and we back it up - every time for every customer - just ask them!!!!

We offer a unique selection of high quality jewelry, gifts, and watches. We specialize in all types of jewelry and watch repair, if you can't hear it tick or if you lost a diamond from your engagement ring, feel confident in Dood's Jewelry's ability to fix it right, on time, and with zero fear. Ask our customers about our reputation and quality of work, you'll be glad you chose Dood's Jewelry the first time and every time after!

Ever wonder what it means when you hear about the "color" in a clear Diamond?

Well here is a pic that makes it quite simple - "color" when referring to a clear Diamond refers to a 'lack of color', so actually 'colorless' is more appropriate. The less it is clear, the less the value, until one gets to the fancies - then color is a great thing! With a colored gem, Diamond or otherwise - the intensity, quality and preferred shade affect the price the most!

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